Land Required

Traditional 'Greenfield' sites on the outskirts of existing settlement areas are becoming more difficult to obtain for residential development purposes.

As a result many new houses today are built on 'brownfield' sites or previously developed land. If you own or know of any sites that may be suitable for residential development we would be pleased to hear from you.

Land in the Amber Valley area would be of particular interest. Sites that could be considered include disused allotment gardens, car sale showrooms, factories, storage warehouses, office premises, nurseries and also many other sites that may have been used for a variety of different purposes.

Kirk Hallam Homes are experienced in taking forward sites from conception through to a completed development and we will be pleased to advise on the suitability of land for residential development purposes.

Given the opportunity our objective would be to maximise the capital value of the site for the current owners in return for an option to purchase the land.

For a free appraisal, please contact us.